logmein_logoLogMeIn is smarter and smaller. We tried out the new version, called “LogMeIn Ignition,” that goes on a flash drive. Plug that in into any computers you want to see later and it allows you to control those computers through the Internet. There are versions for Windows, Macintosh, iPad and iPhone.

After installing the software on two laptops, a desktop and a miniature computer called an “ultraportable,” we inserted the flash drive on one and immediately saw links to all the others. Now, we can be anywhere and use the programs back home. The bad news is we can no longer pretend we’re on a vacation trip and are out of touch with our equipment; the good news is we don’t have to travel with a laptop (they’re heavy).

There’s a free version of LogMeIn at logmein.com. LogMeIn Ignition costs $40, and it’s a bit handier, because you don’t have to type in a user name and password for each computer, tablet or phone you want to control. Your passwords are encrypted and you just click.

umid-mbook-bz_lgBy the way, we can’t recommend the tiny Windows XP computer we used to test LogMeIn. It’s called the Umid “Mbook BZ,” and it’s just a little bigger than a wallet. It looks great and worked fine with LogMeIn but the screen is so tiny we could barely read it. The keyboard matched that. Joy’s typing slowed from about 100 words per minute to ten. She had to enlarge the font in Word documents just to be able to see the words. Of course that meant there were fewer words to each displayed page. Bob’s son, however, loves the Mbook. He says it’s just right when you need to work standing up in a crowded room, and it fits in his pocket. It has a built-in webcam, so with Skype or some similar Internet phone service, you can use it as a video phone. It also connects to a projector. You can get a Umid Mbook BZ at dynamism.com for $549. Not cheap.

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  1. Hey Bob and Joy,

    Thanks for checking out Ignition. Ignition is great to throw on a thumb-drive and for those saved passwords- you covered it all. And about that vacation– you never know what having that access will come in handy!

    Thanks again,
    Kevin Aries
    Marketing Programs Manager, LogMeIn