dooid-bobschwabPaper business cards are so last week. Today, will make you a virtual business card for free. You can then embed it on your website, email it, post it to Twitter, and all that other networking stuff.

Besides including your name, address, phone number and any other personal information you want, the card can link to your LinkedIn account, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. The card can also show a map of your business location.

A DooID card can be as public or private as you wish. Visitors looking at your card can be required to send a password request if they want to see private info. Though the basic “DooID” is free, there are extra features that come with the professional version for $3 a month if you sign up for a year or $4 a month for a short term. For instance, you can let visitors email you directly through your DooID account and see your resume; you also get a count of how many people are viewing your card. You can also get an iPhone version of DooID.

Our DooID card was easy to create. It didn’t work right away with our Gmail, since Gmail doesn’t let you embed images in your email signature. So we installed a Firefox add-on called “Blank Canvas,” which lets you add images. You can see our cards at and

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