operaWhen it comes to web browsers, the more the merrier, and you can have as many as you like. We’ve tried them all: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome and each has different strengths. The new Opera is faster and more fun.

There are too many Opera features to go into here, but one of the neatest is Opera Unite. This lets you share files, photos, music and videos without having to attach them in an email. You can even chat with people who are looking at your postings. You get a special link, and it can be password protected. This is great not just for your friends and colleagues but for yourself if you’re on the road and need to get at something you left behind. You must leave Opera Unite running for this to work.

When you install Opera, you get a panel on the left-hand side of the browser window with a series of icons. Some are pre-installed and there are hundreds more you can add. Clicking on Notes opens up a note-taking area.  Click on the fridge for reminders. There are icons for contacts,bookmarks, and history, showing where you’ve been on the web recently.

You can get the new Opera 10.5 as well as Opera Mini, a super-fast browser for your cell phone, at (A final note here: Sometimes a web site will appear slightly differently in different browsers. This is especially  true on cell phones.  That’s why it’s good to have more than one.)

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