There are 178 million users of Google’s Gmail, and probably a billion or more who use their search tools.  Google has ways to select what you get and from whom. lets you manage your Google accounts, documents, personal information and “alerts.” Alerts are emails you can receive on a given subject. Bob gets alerts on Ned Davis, the investment guru, which brings tidbits of the latest research to his inbox. Oddly enough, you can even list yourself as an “alert” to be followed, and then receive notices whenever your name is mentioned on the web. The Dashboard has lots of information.

Sometimes you search on a subject simply because you’re thinking of a present for someone, fishing equipment for a relative who likes to fish, for example. You, yourself have no interest in fishing, nonetheless the literal minded computers think you do and will show you ads and other information aimed at fishing. To stop seeing display ads you don’t want, go to

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