• shows you a map of the world with clickable dots. Each dot opens up a city’s newspaper front page, exactly as the paper looks. If you click “readable PDF” at the top of the page, you can easily read that paper’s front page. You can read front pages from papers all over the world, but only for the current date.
  • lets you hire yourself out or hire someone else for $5 a job. Someone is offering to make a personalized work of art from your photo. Another wants to make a mobile version of your favorite website. Someone else will cut the fluff out of your PowerPoint presentation. There are hundreds of others.
  • Tawkon is a would-be iPhone app that Apple hasn’t approved yet. It tells you how much radiation is being emitted from your iPhone. But you don’t need this app if you remember a couple of things. Don’t hold your cell phone too tightly; a headset is better. The harder your cell phone has to work to keep a connection going, the more radiation it emits. Try not to call from an elevator or a room deep inside a steel and concrete building.
  • Free 50 gigabytes of online storage. Hard to beat free.

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