Glue” (now TVtag.com) gives you free recommendations on movies, music, books, gadgets, TV, restaurants, etc. The recommendations “stick” to the bottom of your screen in a narrow panel when you’re at major sites, like Amazon.com, IMDB.com, (the Internet Movie Database), and iTunes. Click “disable” to turn it off.

glue-streamingWhen Joy was on Amazon.com, Glue suggested “The Adolescent” because she liked “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoyevsky. On IMDB, it suggested “Sabrina” because she liked “Roman Holiday.”

Glue  has giveaways each month for the “gurus” of the site. These are people who rate things often, comment often, and are passionate about a subject. This month they’re giving away the book “You Are Not a Gadget,” by Jaron Lanier, who ironically, is intensely critical of the kind of social networking site that Glue represents.

The downside of Glue? Better have a fast computer. Even with our three gigabytes of RAM, Glue noticeably slowed things down when we had a lot of programs running at the same time.

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