Last week we wrote about “System Explorer,” a free program that makes it easy to close down stuff running in the background that may be slowing down your computer. Shortly afterwards, readers wrote to say they couldn’t find it at zdnet.com. Well unfortunately, the link they provided had expired.

A better place to get this useful program is download.com. But be sure you put in “System Explorer 2.0.5,” in the search window or the site won’t be able to find it.  Of course, you can always Google it. When we did this and typed System Explorer in the search window, it was the first item that came up. (In general, Googling anything is a good way to go directly to any topic.)

Another alternative is “Process Explorer,” which you can also get from download.com. But that’s just the first step to speeding up a slow computer. Be sure you uninstall any programs you don’t use, delete temporary files, and do a spyware and virus check.  We currently use “Avast” for anti-virus protection, though we’ve also had good results from AVG and Avira.


  1. Hi,
    I’m developer of the System Explorer. I think the best place for download of System Explorer is product homepage. http://systemexplorer.mistergroup.org

    Thank you very much!

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