munduIf you use Yahoo instant messaging on your cellphone, you may find it annoying that some of your friends use AOL’s AIM, Microsoft’s MSN, Google’s GTalk, or some other service. A service called “Mundu” lets you do instant messaging with friends using any service. You can also use it to share pictures, transfer files, conference, etc.  You just choose the appropriate service from a drop-down list.

Mundu recently became available on Google Android phones but was available earlier on the Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, Nokia and other phones for $11. More info at

When Joy was trying it out on an Android phone, she got very frustrated by the virtual keyboard. What a relief it was to read about “Swype” a new way of typing that’s coming to Android phones. Instead of tapping keys, you “swipe” them, which means drawing a path from key to key with your thumb. It’s much faster. You can see video demos of the new product at, or get the download files to try it on select Android phones at

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