lide80_586x225A friend wanted to scan thousands of her photos to disk, so we suggested sending them to, a service that will scan a thousand for $64. But she said they’re too precious to part with, even temporarily.

Her next question was whether she could use a special “photo converter” she had seen advertised. Or should she buy an ordinary scanner, like our low cost Canon? We voted for the Canon, because it takes all photo sizes and comes with the software you need to transfer your photos to your computer, turn them into PDFs, etc. We were amazed that our friend’s “all-in-one” machine from HP had no such software.

Once you scan the photos, it’s the work of a minute to save them all to ClickFree’s “DVD Photo Backup” or Verbatim’s “PhotoSave DVD.” Stick one of these DVDs in your computer drive and the software onboard immediately sends out a search team to find and burn your photos to disc.

A pack of three PhotoSave DVDs holds 6,000 photos, and sells for around $16; a pack of three ClickFree disks costs $10. That’s not expensive but it’s even cheaper to use your own DVD. If you’re a Windows XP user, click “start,” “run” and “help and support.” Then type “burn” to get instructions. In Windows 7 or Vista, a window pops up automatically when you put in a blank disc, asking if you want to add something.


  1. Hello Bob and Joy – Thanks for your posting about photo scanning. The real challenge is how to affordably and quickly scan thousands of photo snapshots. [The most popular service at is the prepaid fill the box service, holds about 2,000 pictures and includes all free S&H and all same day return for $149.95]

    The average household has about 5,000 pictures. The at home scanners are ideal, especially for small projects, but what about generations of pictures?

    The other challenge is that if you don’t use a professional photo scanning service, you do risk loosing the pictures, having it fade away, or what we often hear, that they were inadvertently thrown away during a spring cleaning.

    Having professionally scanned ten-of-millions of pictures and operated this business since 1990, I urge your readers to reach out to ask any other photo imaging questions, especially via our free 24/7 Live Support help desk at

    Best thoughts,
    Mitch Goldstone
    President & CEO

    *** All photo scanning is completed the same day and as an added precaution, all orders are digitaly archived and backup protected onsite for 30-days