Bob says he can go right to his car in any parking lot. But Joy says she once hunted for hers for at least a half hour.

Park’n Find from Affinicore, is a 99 cents iPhone app that helps you find your parked car, using the iPhone GPS. Besides geo-tagging your car, you can add notes, voice memos and photos. The app displays an arrow showing you which way to walk.

The advanced GPS and mapping features will not work well in an underground parking garage. However, Park’n Find is designed to be useful in all parking situations.  There are rotating selectors which allow you to record details like garage level, row, section, spot, etc.  You can also attach a voice memo and one or more photos.  If the phone can receive a cellular or Wi-Fi signal in the underground parking garage it should be able to approximate the physical address of the parking structure as well.

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  1. There is an error in your article; Park’n Find is sold by Affinicore, Inc, not The image on your post is from an advertisement on the front page of for Park’n Find.

    You can see screen shots, a short demo video, details, FAQ, and full instructions at


    Michael Barber
    Affinicore, Inc.

  2. Thanks. We corrected it before posting this comment.