We were wrong when we said that our older Okidata laser printer wouldn’t work with Windows 7.  Though the Windows upgrade list said our printer was not compatible. Joy figured out how to fix that.

There were two problems: The first was that even though we had been using Windows Vista for three years, the printer driver was for the older Windows XP system. We went to the Okidata site and found there were no Windows 7 drivers for our printer.  So we downloaded a Vista driver.

Kenny S from

Kenny S from

We were just about to spend $400 for a newer Okidata color printer when Joy wondered if it was worth trying a a different connecting port.  LPT1 is the most common port for connecting printers to a PC, but that didn’t work. There are 18 other choices you can try but on a hunch she selected “virtual USB port,” number 17.  As soon as she did that, the printer started to print. Color us happy.

NOTE: A new  technical support service we were trying out, iYogi, could not solve this problem. We have found that many technical support services can solve only common problems. And they do it very slowly, working from a checklist. In short, they know little about what they’re doing. A few days after Joy solved our printer problem, we had a couple of others. But this time instead of trying iYogi, we called our favorite tech guy, Kenny S, at He solved both problems in a few minutes. Neither of these services is free. You get what you pay for.

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