It can be really frustrating trying to send a large email. We’re talking really huge, the kind of file that gets rejected by your email provider.  What you can do is use a service that stores large files and allows you to email a link to the file, rather than the file itself.  Among the better known such services are MegaUpLoad.com, SendSpace.com, RapidShare.com, and ZumoDrive.com. Of those, MegaUpLoad.com lets you send the largest file for free: up to two gigabytes. (Update: The Feds closed MegaUpLoad. Read about it here.) 

Business users may prefer 2Large2Email.com or YouSendIt.com, because your email can include a company logo. YouSendIt is well known but  more expensive than the others. It charges $15 per person a month, no matter how many users. So a hundred users of the service could bring the bill up to $1,500 a month.

The 2Large2Email service charges $26 a month for an unlimited number of users and they have a lighter free version that can also contain your logo.  2Large2Email lets you store 20 GB worth of data, compared to YouSendIt’s limit of six GB.  On the other hand, YouSendIt offers a few features that 2Large2Email doesn’t, such as an iPhone app and a plug-in that lets you send your files right from Microsoft Outlook.

A new feature in 2Large2Email lets you know who opened the file and when they did so. There’s also a filter that makes sure your email doesn’t accidently wind up in someone’s spam folder. You can configure time zones for each recipient, to make sure the email is sent during their business day, and a “mail merge” feature lets you personalize each email.

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