So what is Google Wave? It’s a kind of super email that allows lots of people to jump into the middle of a conversation, add their two cents and rewind it to see what was going on before they got there.

People are using the Wave  to organize an event, plan meetings, write a report, brainstorm or share photos and video. Instead of sending a document to someone who 1) edits it and 2) sends it to a third person who 3) copies the first person and so on, the whole conversation can take place in one space. And there are links to all the documents involved.

Watch these videos to get the idea.

Google Wave

You can request an invitation to the Wave at, but there’s still a long waiting list. If you need one now, drop us a line and give your reasons. We can award one of our  invitations to the lucky recipient.

Once you’re in, click on “help” to get the idea of how to use it. Basically, to jump into a wave, just click “reply.” To   edit something that’s already been said, either by you or someone else,  you click the down arrow next to the time stamp on any of the conversations.

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