hawking-easy-link-sharing hubThe “Easy-Link Data Sharing Hub” from,  lets two computer share files and peripherals.

The hub is a small white box about the size of two packages of chewing gum. It has USB ports for up to three peripherals and one mini-USB port to connect to a second computer. When the second computer is connected to the box, both have access to the peripherals, like printers, scanners, etc., and are also connected to each other. This creates a private two-computer network and the two computers can share files with each other. The price for this is only $23, the lowest we’ve seen for anything with this many features.

Hawking Technology is also well known for wireless repeaters. A common problem with wireless devices is loss of signal when they are too far from the broadcast source. Hawkings’ $60 “Wireless G” repeater doubles the range by re-broadcasting the signal. So if your wireless range is limited to 100 feet, for example, placing the repeater near the outer limit of signal reception will extend it to 200 feet. A “Wireless N” repeater is due in November.

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