Percy, the Perfectly Imperfect Chicken, published by

Percy, the Perfectly Imperfect Chicken, published by

Anyone can have their book published on the Amazon Kindle e-reader, but you might need help getting it in the right format. offers free templates for your memoir, novel, children’s book or blog.

The site will also publish your book as a hard cover, in a limited distribution to friends and family, for $20. For $100, they’ll get it distributed to Barnes and Noble and other major retailers.

The site also offers illustrators, designers, photographersand reviewers, for an extra fee. If your book sells, you keep 80 percent of the profit.

Amazon also offers a ¬†free self-publishing site, showing you how to make your book available on the ¬†Amazon Kindle e-reader. You can also use Amazon “CreateSpace” to publish it as a hard cover book, CD, DVD, video download or Amazon MP3.

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