help-and-supportA reader wrote to say she recently bought a new computer running the Windows Vista operating system and now she can’t print out the cookbook she made with Pagemaker. Well, Pagemaker is a publishing program that has been around for decades and you don’t want to just throw that away. And you don’t have to.

This kind of compatibility problem comes up fairly often when switching operating systems. For Windows 7, check out Otherwise, use “program compatibility mode.” In Windows XP or Vista, click the “start” button at the bottom left corner of the opening desktop, and then click “help and support.” Type “running old programs” into the search box. The “compatibility wizard” text box will appear and provide instructions to walk you through setting up just about any old program so it can run on Vista.

By the way, we often go through “start” and then “help and support” to find all kinds of information about how to do things in Windows, not just for running old programs. It’s easier than remembering them all.

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