Next year, a lot of people will be doing the Google wave. Right now, the early testers are having a hard time describing just what it is.

The best description we’ve seen comes from Spain. Techies there say it’s a high-powered email program that lets people jump into the middle of conversations at any point. As one user put it, “It allows adding more people to an email ping-pong thread.” The ping-pong part means there’s a multi-person conversation already going on. A tech expert at a school in Murcia, Spain (a lovely town, by the way, known for silk weaving), says it has saved hours of call-backs and resending emails. He thinks it will kill Facebook and Twitter within six months.

Besides opening a Google wave to let others jump in, a message with calendars, video, photos, music, etc., can be sent to everyone onboard. There’s a “playback” button to rewind the wave for people who jumped in the pool after the party started.

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