It’s estimated that 10 percent of the prescription drugs sold worldwide are fakes.

TruTags in pillsBut … if you could embed a tiny maker’s tag in each pill, it could be checked for authenticity. In fact, at least one company has already done it. A company called Cellular Bioengineering has just come out with an edible micro-tag called a “TruTag.”

The TruTag is made from a porous silicon wafer that has been etched with identifying codes chosen from over a trillion possibilities. Unlike the RFID (radio frequency) tags that have come into common today, TruTags can be broken into pieces, or heated to 1000 degrees and still retain their information. Even after being broken apart, each piece still contains all of its encoded information.

The technology has obvious applications beyond differentiating real pharmaceuticals from fake. Many products are counterfeited, from clothes to mechanical parts that could cause critical failure in some situations. More info at

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