tricklesaver“This is amazing,” Bob said. “Some hacker has managed to shut down the entire Internet. No matter what site I try to go to, it is unavailable. Maybe it’s the Russians.”

“No dear,” said Joy. “It’s the TrickleSaver. It shut down the cable modem.”

Unbeknownst to Bob, Joy had installed the PC TrickleSaver to save energy. The TrickleSaver turns off all computer accessories, including modems and routers, when your computer is turned off. The idea is to lower your electricity bill while also saving the planet. Yeah!

Joy went to the gizmo’s website,, played with their energy calculator, and found out that our savings are going to be big. Because our PC has a router, modem, printer and scanner plugged into it, all of which now turn off when her PC is off, we will save $55 a year, which easily covers the $17 asking price for the device. There’s also a TrickleStar for TVs, for $20. Our TV has a DVD player, a Roku box for streaming movies from Netflix, a Microsoft Xbox and a VCR. This is a biggie: we could Trickle-save about $120 a year.

With our new-found wealth we’re going to buy another electronic gadget. The Trickle Saver works with Windows or Mac.


  1. In New Zealand many homes (and businesses) have some kind of a master start/shut off for the electrical power. I never figured out how exactly it works, but I do know that it is effective. When entering a building, home etc, there is a toggle switch (like a wall light switch) that you flip and after that, all of your appliances, computers, T.V. are “available” to turn on. They still won’t go on until you manually start them but the “whole house” electricity is activated with the master switch. The only problem is that electric “necessities” such as electric clocks, electric ignition appliances are shut off, but it’s a small price to just use a wind up/ battery clock. Simplify and lower dependency on these gadgets.