Joy is a huge fan of newspaper word puzzles called “Jumbles.” Every morning she unscrambles the letters in the day’s Jumble (usually within seconds) at the breakfast table. Now she’s hooked by “Bookworm Adventures II,” just out in a new version from

WOW PeggleWhile you form new words from a given group of letters, an animated bookworm fights his foes, which include Mother Goose, the Cheshire Cat and the author H.G. Wells, among others. If you fail to make new words, he dies and that particular game session ends. Advanced game modes are timed, but otherwise you can take as long as you like. Bookworm II is $20 from or you can play for an hour for free to try it out.

You can also try a free version of their new “Peggle,” perhaps the most addicting arcade game ever invented. We bought it and are still playing it two years later. It’s at and has a “World of Warcraft” theme.

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