Kenny S from

Kenny S from

We’re often asked to review tech support services, but none so far  has ever beaten  Kenny S. (He’s the lead expert at, now at is a tech support service that lets you get help over the Internet to fix just about any computer problem.

Today, we had a problem with Microsoft Word. We could type on a page, but couldn’t edit our documents.

In six minutes it was solved. Here are the steps:

1. We clicked Kenny’s “contact me” button.

2. He called us on the phone, and we read off of our screen a special access code number provided by some free software.

3. Kenny began to control our computer remotely, through the Internet, while discussing the solution on the phone.

4. He noticed that our Word problem was caused by programs that install add-ons to the software, add-ons we never use. He put Word into safe mode, because it was so messed up that its normal options weren’t accessible.

5. He disabled the bad add-ons for us.

Since we watched Kenny work, we now know how to disable the add-ons ourselves.

There’s lots of free info on his website at


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