There’s a new search engine called Yebol, which is Hebrew for “the bread of life,” but is often also translated as “Jesus.” You find it at Yebol.com. (This is Yebolnot a religious site.)

What Yebol does is cluster search results as well as bring in sites that are not directly the result of your search query but could be related to it. An example might be the general search term “Vacation,” which in most search engines results in a list of vacation booking services, like “Expedia,” “Travelocity,” hotel chains and related services. Microsoft’s new “Bing” search engine is really very good for travel questions, by the way.

A cluster search is different, and remarkably useful. For many years, we’ve used a search engine called “Clusty.” Let’s say you enter the search term “Cars.” It’s a very general term but in cluster engines you get a categorical breakdown in a list that is itself clickable. In that list would be categories like “pictures,” “new and used car,” “repairs,” “rentals,” “Pixar movie,” etc. You can then select the category you want. A search on boats would bring in categories like fishing boats, yachts, rentals, and so on.

Yebol takes this further to include not only clusters but links to the best web sites on that topic. You also get the latest news and Twitter feeds. Its search results will even include links to encyclopedia articles, movies, magazines, etc.

It’s a friendlier results page than the usual listings.  For example, search on a country, and you get the top sites for that country, the latest news, what people are saying about it on Twitter, and related searches, all well organized. Search for a medical condition and you’ll get related problems, Twitter tips, and some top sites you may not have heard of, like “Mamashealth.com.” and “WrongDiagnosis.”

Yebol is still in a beta version but is open and can be used by anyone. The site has organized ten million search terms so far and claims they should have the entire Internet universe available in a few more months.

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