Amiga Forever game

Amiga Forever game

You have to be an old timer for this. Back around 1980 when the personal computer revolution started, there were a lot of news stories and much serious discussion about whether the future of personal computing would dominated by Apple, Texas Instruments or Commodore. IBM didn’t quite understand the situation back then and were producing the strangely-designed “Pcjr,” later dumping thousands of them. Commodore, a front runner right up there with Apple, was a typewriter repair shop in Toronto. Those were the days. Other contenders were Kentucky Fried Computers (no, we’re not kidding) and Sinclair, over in England.


But the Commodore 64, which could play game cartridges with the whopping memory of 8K of RAM (less than a cheap digital wrist watch has today) was a hot seller. It was primarily a game machine and many who were around back then loved those games and miss them.

No problem: If you’re one of those desperate for the old games, you can get a disk that simulates the Commodore 64 computer on a Windows PC. It’s called “Amiga Forever” because it also simulates the Commodore Amiga operating system, which was easily most sophisticated computer of its time. It contains thousands of games and other programs made for both machines.

“Amiga Forever 2009” is available for download from There are versions for $10, $30 and $50. The disks are compatible with Windows all the way up the new Windows 7, which is yet to be released. 

(Just a tip from a guy who was around back then: Because this completely threw Joy when she loaded one of the games and it came up with a DOS prompt and nothing else. If that happens, just type “run” to start it, and use your keyboard if you don’t have a joystick.) By the way, Joy thinks these games will make you really appreciate what’s available today.

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