If no one can find your business on the web, you’re in trouble. The thing to do is go to and enter it into the Google Local Business Center website. If the business is already there, you can make sure you come up in searches by following the steps on the page.

Here’s a tip for local searches: When you’re looking for a business in your own town, a certain kind of restaurant for example, you don’t have to enter a location.  Google knows where you are. (There is no escape.)

Another Google trick (this is Bob’s favorite) is getting loads of similar pictures. Let’s say you want a picture of a soldier from an earlier time, or a prehistoric animal or a tropical plant.  Go to the new “” Ask for any kind of image. Click on the “Similar images” link under what comes up, to see – what else? – similar images.

Joy typed “Snow White” and up came dozens of cartoons and paintings. If you want just a painting, click on one to see similar paintings. If you wanted a cartoon image, click on one of those to see more cartoons.


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