Vudu is a set-top box for downloading movies and watching the Internet on your TV. There are several of these on the market now but this was one of the first. It is new and improved as they say on late night television but basically it’s still a set-top box. Movies on Vudu

 New to Vudu is the ability to stream music from the web site Pandora offers so much music it’s no surprise that the young people we know don’t buy CDs anymore. Besides music and movies, Vudu can also bring in YouTube videos, TV shows  and photos from Flickr and Picasa.

 We liked the fact that the $149 box has no monthly fees, but we were disappointed that it can’t compare with Netflix or Blockbuster in bringing you the latest movies. Despite offering 14,000 movies, 1400 of which are in high definition, we  found that many of the most recent were available from Vudu only for sale, not for rent. Netflix instant rental downloads are available through Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and TiVo. Blockbuster instant downloads will soon be coming to the TiVo as well. Download times take hours if you have a slow connection like ours, less than 1 megabyte per second. Vudu suggests you have a 2 megabyte or greater connection. More info at, and



  1. Having owned a VUDU Box for a few months now I absolutely love it. I use it to primarily rent movies and I have never found the selection to be lacking. New movies that are only for purchase become rentable usually a few weeks later, so I just wait until then to watch them.

    As for the other services mentioned, I’ve used those at my friends houses and the quality just doesn’t compare. I would much rather stick with my VUDU Box.

    Lastly, I think the VUDU service keeps improving. They have unleashed new services every month it seems for awhile. The box has added so many new features since I bought mine a few months ago.