• is a news and information sharing service with a really pleasant interface. The site shows a cartoon sea with small islands. You click on a menu to put a new island in your sea, and then type in the words that describe your special interest. News items and messages from friends and colleagues that fit that category appear in a bottle floating next to the island. Gamers might have an island for their favorite game, for example. Joy created a recipe island and just got a new potato pancake recipe from Betty Crocker. We also have a gadget island that brings in gadget and gizmo news. It’s a very relaxing setting.

  • is a site aimed at reporters and editors. It sends a daily email with news gathered from over 2,300 websites maintained by the federal government, U.S. Congress and approximately 1,000 advocacy groups. The first day we signed on we learned about a drug bust yielding 4,000 pounds of marijuana, and 43 companies dumping waste in South Gate, California. There were hundreds of stories. The service is free for the first 30 days.

  • has environmentally friendly stuff for sale. We liked the biodegradable trash bags and bamboo utensil holders. They also have hand-cranked radios, and chaise lounge chairs made of cork – these last are expensive, but they float.

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