We found a tiny program for doing something we want to do all the time with our computer.

It’s a program for making yellow sticky notes on your computer screen. These are like “Post-it” notes from 3M Corporation, but that name is trademarked, so this little program is called “NoteWhen 3.0.” But let’s face it: when you call it up on the screen, it looks a lot like a Post-it note.

What’s really useful about this is that often when you’re browsing the web – or just have a sudden bright idea, or hear a comment from somebody that you’d like write down and you happen to be at the computer – just double-click the NoteWhen icon in the Windows system tray at the bottom of the desktop screen. A little box pops up on the screen. Your first choice of actions is “create new note.” All right, create a new note. Either type it right there on the little yellow box, or if you want to paste in something from a document or the web, highlight that with the mouse and copy and paste it into NoteWhen.

NoteWhen keeps a list of all these items and you can later transfer them to a word processor or an email or any other document you’re working on. You can arrange these notes into groups, back them up, print them or export them to other programs. You can call up a calendar in NoteWhen to tag a new note with a date.

Another program of this type is 3M’s original Post-it Digital Notes for $20. It lets you create bulletin boards for your notes. Each bulletin board can have tabs across the top for categories of notes, such as “Work,” “School,” “Leisure,” and each tab can have its own sticky notes. You can add images to your sticky notes, and these images can be linked to websites. You can download a 30-day free trial of this nifty program at 3m.com/us/office/postit/digital/digital_notes.html. 

NoteWhen 3.0 costs $7 if you buy it from PCMag.com, which maintains a library of freeware and shareware utilities. It costs $14 to sign up for a year’s subscription to the library and then you can download anything there for free.

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