Good employees sometimes quit their jobs or slack off when they don’t feel appreciated. A new web-based incentive program from boosts morale by letting them play games and earn money when they meet the employer’s goals.

Snowfly has found that employees produce more if they’re given as little as twelve minutes of game play per week. Winnings from the games are immediately posted to the employee’s personal Visa debit “game card.” Typical earnings are about two hours of pay per employee per month; the company itself is said to benefit from increased sales and reduced employee turnover.

It turns out that employees seem to like their jobs more when they’ve accumulating points, sort of like a gambler on a roll. An element of luck makes the games more exciting than typical incentive programs. Forty two percent of employees who earned game tokens at work took them home and played them online with their children in exchange for chores, exercise, and homework. To set up the system, employers buy reward tokens at

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