Remember cyber-squatters? These were people who years ago registered domain names like, or, and sat on them, hoping that those companies would have to buy the names back from them. They were the hip, fast-moving and aware players. We were not among them. Some of those early domain names were later resold for millions of dollars.

Now we have Twitter-squatters. There are an estimated five million users of, a number that is increasing by around a million a month. It turns out that a lot of companies are using to keep the world updated with frequent 140-character news blasts. The new squatters have already taken up site names like and there are lots of names still up for grabs.

You can sign up for any name that isn’t already taken, but you can only have one name per email address. A lot of Internet Service Providers let you have 5-10 email addresses, however. lets you have an unlimited number of email addresses.

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