Solar NetworkThese days it’s common to find restaurants, libraries and schools with wireless connections to the Internet. But if you want to cover a wide area, like a business district, park or resort, you need signal repeaters.

Meraki Solar claims to have the world’s first solar-powered wi-fi repeater. Its purpose is to provide high-speed Internet service for large areas, indoor or out. One of the first users is the area of shops and businesses known as Harvard Square, adjacent to Harvard University. Several Meraki repeaters were installed on the roofs of local businesses and poles outdoors. The cost was around $10,000 and provided wireless Internet coverage over 24 acres.

The cost can be much less for any school or business willing to do it themselves. Each unit weighs about two pounds and costs $848-$1,497, depending on size of the solar panel. The bigger it is, the greater the range. More info at

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