For 99 cents at the iPhone application store, you can get the “Personal Formulator,” which contains 30 formulas. Say you’re shopping. The Formulator can figure out how a purchase will increase your minimum monthly payments, or how much an item will cost after multiple discounts. The Personal Formulator can also convert miles to kilometers, meters to feet, etc. as well as figure out monthly car loans, insurance reimbursements, and so on. There are also business versions of the Formulator at the iPhone app store.

— There are 6.9 million Apple iPhones out there, and new things to do with it coming in every day. Griffin’s free “iTalk” can be used for podcasting on the go and for recording speeches and lectures to be played back later. The main reason it’s free is that it carries some advertising. This and a second free utility for broadcasting your iPhone material over a wi-fi network are both available at http://www.italksync.com/.

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