If you don’t have much room on your desk, you might like the Keyscan KS810 keyboard, which includes a

Keyscanbuilt-in scanner. Your photos, business cards and letters can be fed into the top of the keyboard and they pop back out again, fully scanned.

You can watch a video of this in action at Keyscan.com, which lists the keyboard combo for sale for $159. We tried out a review unit which worked well with one of our Hewlett Packard computers, but not the other. We were told it was a known problem with the HP Pavilion, model a123On. Otherwise, photos and text both came in clearly and colors looked true.

We found the unit for $149 at Amazon.com, and we’d like to add a comment about that. A couple of business people who have seen their products discounted at Amazon have written to tell us that Amazon puts in whatever list price they want, in order to make it seem like they are offering more of a discount. You might want to check out prices for any product by going to other discounters, NewEgg.com and TigerDirect.com, for example, as well as Amazon.



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