We usually forget to bring our grocery list to the store. Often we didn’t even make a list. A $99 gadget may save our bacon. It’s called the “SmartShopper” and is available from several retailers on the web.

You can hold the SmartShopper in your palm or stick it on the door of your refrigerator. Speak into its microphone and it prints out your list. It comes pre-programmed with 2500 items, and your printed list willSmartShopper be categorized into meats, fresh produce, frozen foods, etc. This gizmo might pay for itself if you tend to forget to use your coupons: A special feature lets you flag items that have coupons. Of course it can print whatever you dictate. The print-out is the same size as a cash register receipt.

Some months ago we got a cheaper alternative to SmartShopper in a device called “My Lil Reminder.” It wasn’t pitched as a grocery list printer, and in fact it couldn’t print anything. It’s simply a low-priced recorder, able to record and play back messages up to 20 seconds long. That’s not much, but long enough to record the names of some people you just met, or an address you have to find. It will play back your reminders when you press a button. We found it for $6 at



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