“Slacker Radio” is software that lets you create a personal radio station that brings in tunes you like from the Internet. It works with any computer but right now it only works in the USA. A similar service called “Radio Time” works just about everywhere and you can get it at

Slacker Radio has a version for the new Blackberry smart phone that’s coming out in October. With the Blackberry, you’ll be able to hear your own stations even when not connected to a wireless network, because the phone will download them to memory whenever there is a connection.

If you don’t want to wait for the new Blackberry, you can listen to Slacker radio on your own computer for free, or buy the $200 “Slacker G2,” a portable Internet radio. We like listening on our own computer, because

Slacker Radio

 like most slackers, we want it to be cheap and easy to find good music. You click a favorite category and let it play song after song. Or you can build your own station with all your favorites on it. More info is at



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