FlipVideo cameras are getting easier to use and our favorite is a new one called “The Flip Mino.” It’s about the size of a deck of playing cards.

The “Mino” answers every non-techie’s prayer: you push a red button to film something. After you take the video, you plug the camera itself into your computer; it has a little spring loaded arm that pops out and you plug that into a USB port.

As soon as you plug the camera into a USB socket, a menu pops up and you can choose to put your video on a website, email it or burn it to disk. We wrote about the first version of this camera several months ago. It was nice but the new version is a big improvement. For one, you don’t need batteries for the new one; it charges itself when you plug it into your computer. And the second reason sound a little silly, but the button is much easier to push. It was really hard before. The Mino is $180 from (Probably cheaper from other places.) 

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