We’ve been trying out a free service,, that lets you make animated comic books. Doesn’t matter if you think you can’t draw; they supply the figures as well.

The process was remarkably easy. There are hundreds of stock cartoon characters you can use, as well as political caricatures of President Bush, John McCain, Barack Obama and many others. Later this month they’re adding Richie Rich, Underdog and Mr. Magoo.

To create your animation, select a background, drag in your characters, and choose from a menu of movements, facial expressions and music. Our characters laughed, cried, walked and danced through an Old West style saloon.

Your animations can be emailed, posted on a social networking website or your own site. How do they make GoAnimate.commoney with a free site? There are charges for special features and they may have ads later. You can do product placements in your cartoons, for that matter. You can have people drink Coca Cola or some local beer in your cartoon.


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