When you’re giving a speech, you may wish you had a teleprompter, but these can cost thousands of dollars.

Prompt Puppy

For $20 instead, you can get a program called “PromptPuppy,” from It does pretty much the same thing.

With PromptPuppy, you can have your script or notes roll by in giant letters on a laptop screen. But if you’re delivering your speech in front of a camera, you want to be seen looking directly at that camera, not at your laptop. In this situation, you can use a two-way mirror placed between you and the camera. The camera looks right through the clear side of such a mirror, as if it that were plain glass. But what you see is your script rolling by.

Besides the huge cost difference, PromptPuppy has other advantages over ordinary Teleprompters. You can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to speed up or slow down your script, or go back a few lines. If you buy the professional version, the $60 “PromptDog,” you can also edit your script as you practice, and then jump right back to the prompter. The new version lets you colorize text to separate various speaking parts, and has a feature typically found on expensive Teleprompters: a timer that shows you how long it will take to get through your script at the rate you’re going.

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