When you share video clips on the web, you often get grainy images. Motionbox.com has a new service  that handles high definition and makes even ordinary clips look  like high-def.

We tried the service and used it to post some standard video to Joy’s women’s club website. Not only did itMotionBox load quickly, but what surprised us was how sharp it was. Premium service for this and  unlimited video storage of  high-definition or regular video costs $30 a year. If you don’t need that, MotionBox also provides free storage for a limited number of standard files.

For a fee, they  will convert your video tapes, home movie film and/or slides to digital format. A DVD holds a lot but they charge $19 for each tape conversion. If you search the web, however, you will find many other services that convert video and photos to digital format. In some places you can even take your stuff to a photo shop or drugstore and have it done.

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