We got a waterproof phone from Casio. They call it “water resistant,” to stay on the safe side. But we tried it under water and it worked.

 The person at the other end of the call said we sounded like we were talking underwater. You just can’t fool some people. The really important thing to understand about this phone is that teenagers can now continueCasio Gz'Oneto talk to each other on their cell phones while diving for sponges or spear fishing. The speaker-phone function also works underwater, opening the possibility of group calls during synchronized swimming or water polo. There is undoubtedly a depth limit, but being in a swimming pool, we didn’t reach it. 

You can get the oddly named G’zOne phone for $99 if you also buy a two-year contract from Verizon for $40 a month. That brings the true cost of the phone to more than $1,000. Amazon is offering the phone for nothing but you still have to sign up for the two-year contract. So their cost is just under $1,000. Alternatively, you can immediately break the contract, get billed by Amazon for $250 and choose any Verizon plan you want. 

The G’zOne phone has some cool features (sorry about that). It’s exceptionally rugged and feels like it would be okay even if bitten by a giant clam in one of those old movies. A strong loop at the top provides easy attachment to a belt or line. The battery is rechargeable, and the manual is actually easy to follow. 

On the downside the built-in camera takes terrible pictures. Snapshots and videos look like they were shot underwater, even when the phone wasn’t underwater. More info on this phone can be found at casiogzone.com. 

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