WebcardWebcards lets you create small web sites, about the size of large index cards, for businesses that don’t have the time or money to build and maintain their own. Just fill in a form and it’s done.
The cards, which we thought looked quite good, are $9.50 a month. You can create  a free card  without giving out a credit card but it will only be posted for 24 hours. Each card can have tabs for videos, discussion groups, reviews,  photo galleries, product announcements, etc.  Click on “coupons” or “contact forms” to add these items as tabs. The card can be posted to the web and/or emailed.

You can create a card with just a few clicks. And here’s the kicker, as they say: The card will turn up in a Google search, just like anybody else’s web site. That’s because each card is given its own web address. Your small business, or your individual profile if you’d like to do one, will come up in any web search.
For an additional charge, cards can be used as ads on other sites, including phone directories and social networking sites. Any changes made to your card are instantly updated across all the websites that have them. Even though this service is brand new we already saw a web card at the big real estate site, Trulia.com.
They’re easy to update, which is normally a problem for small business owners. (In fact it must be too much trouble even for big businesses, because we have frequently reviewed products which, while new, and readily webcardavailable for sale at retailers, were not listed on the maker’s own web site.) With a simple index card site, new product listings would be a cinch, even for small changes; restaurants, for example, could show the changes for the day’s menu.

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