• is a good place to get nutritional information and calorie counts on restaurant meals. Many restaurants today are part of a chain and serve standardized meals from a semi-permanent menu. The web site provides suggestions for alternative meals at these restaurants. You can look up this information on the web or get it by phone. That can be help you decide what to order while you’re sitting in the restaurant.
  • offers home improvement calculators which provide you with cost estimates for various remodeling jobs. These vary by location, of course. HGTV, by the way, stands for Home and GardenHGTVTV, and is a regular cable channel. Search on “calculator.”
  • lets you create a customized Google search page. Instead of the screen being headed with “Google,” for example, it canPimpMySearchlook like “My Search Engine” or “The Kids’ Homework Tool.” Trivial, but amusing.

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