We looked at Samsung’s new “TruDirect” external hard drive, a natural for people who like to quickly burn videos and movies to DVD.

One hour of video stored on the computer can be burned to a DVD in just a half TruDirecthour using this drive. If the source is streaming video – which means it is coming in live – the burn takes only five minutes longer than the actual time of the stream. If you were taking video at a party, for example, and had a computer and the drive nearby, you could pass out finished DVDs to the guests just five minutes after you finished shooting.

Other  methods of burning video to DVD often takes three times as long as doing it with the TruDirect drive. The key to this drive’s speed is that it skips using the computer’s hard drive and takes the digital feed directly to DVD. There is no pre-mastering, multiplexing or hard disk buffering being done by the computer; that’s all handled by the drive.

To set up the device, you plug the drive into a PC and install the software. It will recognize any camcorder, digital camera or webcam that is plugged into the computer. The DVD it creates will work with all players.

We found the TruDrive for $124 at a-power.com .

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