There’s a lot more to the social networking site Facebook than meets the eye and it’s all here in “Facebook, the Missing Manual,” by E.A. Vander Veer; $20 from

We learned about the games, quizzes and fun little applications: there are Facebookabout 10,000 of these! We learned you can create Facebook Groups, which can be for your company or organization as well as simply a circle of friends. You can then use that group to exchange photos, documents, upload videos and collaborate on projects. The book also covers posting ads and taking polls on Facebook.

Watch out when creating groups, however. It sounded like such a good idea at first that Joy immediately created one for her woman’s club. The next thing she knew, people in the club were complaining about so-called “related groups” whose descriptions included sexual remarks, filthy language, etc. You have to be real careful about this. It turns out there’s a little box in every group profile that says “show related groups.” The default setting for that that the box is that it is checked and wide open for others. This was not immediately obvious. You may want to uncheck it.


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