We have been pitched on so many speaker accessories for iPods that we could start a catalog. But the iTempo 800 from Genius takes a different approach. It is a combination portable radio, CD player and tape deck, and then there’s a socket on the top for your iPod.

Our past encounters with equipment from Genius has left us with the impression that “right around average” would be a better name, but this radio combo is a step up. In addition to the CD and iPod dock, the iTempo 800 has an iTempo 800alarm clock and an S-Video connection, so you can display photos and videos from your iPod on a big TV screen. A wireless remote lets you control all this from the couch. Sound quality was good and plenty strong. For some reason it seems to be selling well in India, but we found it at a-power.com, for the odd price of $153.47.

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