Traveler IQ Challenge,” from is the site for a fast-paced geography game. It gives you a city and you try and pinpoint it on a world map. If you miss, it shows you how far away you were. When you’re way off, a message says: “This is Earth, you know that, right?” When you’re close, it tells you “You rock.” (By the way: In many tests done over the past several years, approximately one-fifth of U.S. high school students could not identify the United States on a world map.), an Internet search engine that responds to plain language questions, has an “Eraser” button you can click to automatically erase any information about search queries and remove any cookies that were collected. It is available in the U.S. and U.K. right now and will be expanded to other countries shortly. is a new U.S. real estate site from Home and Garden TV. It combines sales lists from major Realtors and has 1.2 million listings. It also has some good advice about how to back out of a deal: Make a note of some flaw in the property and cite it later if you change your mind about buying.

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