Casio’s new Exilim series of digital cameras fits videos to YouTube, a feature devoutly desired by the Web site’s millions of fans.The six cameras in the series are priced from $200 to $400 at full retail, but discounts abound. The more expensive models in the series not only shoot videos sized for YouTube, but will also capture your voice explaining what’sYouTube camera going on.

The software that comes with these cameras is really marvelous, the best we’ve ever seen. You can post a video directly to YouTube. In addition, Casio will let you save your pictures to a free storage site in Japan. That’s not just for pictures taken with a Casio camera. It saves any pictures from your computer. The company advertises the storage as good for “100 years.” That could be just bravado, but Casio has been around a long time and will probably be around a lot longer.

There’s plenty more to say about the camera’s unusual features: If you want to select best resolution, contrast, color, etc., just push “Best Shot,” which is a button on the camera. You start a video by selecting “Movie” from the view screen menu. For a YouTube movie, select “YouTube” and the picture will be automatically adjusted to fit YouTube requirements. Is it a picture of something you want to sell on eBay? Choose “eBay” from the menu.

A menu choice sure to prove popular with many is “Anti Shake.” This keeps the picture steady, even if you’re not. For videos, you can choose “Moving Object” from the view menu, and the camera will focus on the main subject and follow it as it moves around.

Other menu choices include “White Board,” for taking snaps of lecture presentations, “Business Card,” “Text,” Flowing Water,” “Underwater” (needs extra case), “Pets,” “Food,” etc. The “Text” choice fits the note-taking advantage of digital cameras that we’ve written about before. If you want a copy of an article or a book page, don’t worry about finding a copier. Just take a picture of it.

We used a 10 megapixel model that sells for $209 at You can get any model in a choice of several colors, if they have them. We wanted red, but had to settle for blue. The Web site for more information on these cameras is

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