“Using Microsoft Office Visio 2007” by Steve Holzner; $45 fromĀ

Visio is a $259 program, but probably worth it. It has tools for making organizational charts, flow charts, office floor plans, circuit diagrams, Web siteĀ Using Visio 2007maps, road maps and calculations. Just playing with this stuff can be as much fun as a game, and much more useful.

Let’s say you want to add a ramp for handicap access. You type in the height of the doorway from the ground and then pick the starting point for the ramp or the incline. The program will tell you how long your ramp has to be for either situation. This is the simplest kind of trigonometry, of course, but makes design easy. Academic pricing is $33 at

By the way, this is Steve Holzner’s 106th book.

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