For a professional product display for the web, businesses could turn to “PhotoCapture 360.” This is a software-controlled turntable that uses a digital camera to take continuous shots of a rotating product. We found that it worked perfectly and was easy to handle, but unfortunately costs a bundle.

Pricing starts at $1,000 at the maker’s web site,, and then movesPhotoCapture 360 up to $2,000 if you add a box that provides diffused lighting for the rotating stage. This is what professional photographers use to eliminate shadows on a subject.

Setup was easy and operation simple. The turntable platform is about 15 inches across. You connect this to an XP or Windows 2000 computer and a Canon or Olympus digital still camera. Put your product on the turntable platform and choose how fast you want the object to rotate. You can choose to take 4 to 64 camera shots per rotation.

Everything went smoothly and we had the choice of posting our product display to the web or emailing it; we could even post a still image to eBay, if we were that kind of power seller.

At this point you might ask, as we did, why not just use a phonograph turntable and a video camera to accomplish the same kind of product video at a much lower cost? The company response was this wouldn’t work with their software and so you wouldn’t be able to time the speed and number of shots.

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