INTERNUTS has free MP3 music downloads, and the choices run from rock to classical. You can also just listen. We listened to Beethoven’s “Waldstein” sonata while we started writing the column and then turned to the Beatles. There are thousands of pieces listed here, all free. is the Web site for a new show from public television, and it’s excellent.The first episode looked at the cyber attack that shut down Estonia’s computer system after the government moved a statue Wired Sciencecommemorating the Soviet Union’s war dead. Another looked at junk floating in the oceans and found that there was an average of 46,000 pieces of plastic floating for every square mile. Some of the objects have been floating for more than 30 years. lets you search for the type of document you need: catalogs, spreadsheet reports, invoices, estimates, cookbooks, etc. Some are PowerPoint documents. But all, plain or complex, can be modified to make them your own. You can also contribute by uploading your own documents for others to use. (One we looked at was a “break-up” letter. It was allegedly done by a Marine in Afghanistan who got a “Dear John” letter from his girl back home. He sent back a composite of 57 photos of girls collected from other Marines, with a note that he couldn’t remember what she looked like but she should feel free to remove her photo from the group.

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