AND NOW A TRIBUTE TO A REALLY WONDERFUL GUY… is a new site for posting tributes. You (meaning anyone) initiate a tribute by uploading a photo and choosing a theme. It can be someone’s birthday, or a graduation, for example. Or it can be anything: There’s a tribute to the Beatles, for instance, which includes music, videos and some interesting commentary from Beatles fans.

It’s like an online card that just keeps growing, as people on your e-mail list add Beatlestheir photos, video clips and comments. As it now stands, anyone can comment. For instance, Olivia, who we don’t know from Adam, as they say, was having a 28th birthday, and we sent her a nice congratulation and a YouTube video of three space-suited aliens singing “Happy Birthday.”

Having an open field is kind of dangerous, however, since not everyone is of a bright and cheerful mien. So we talked to the site hosts and they said they would try to program in some privacy.

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